Touchstone Brewery Update

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We are over the moon to be able to share this amazing update with you: The Touchstone Brewery is nearly complete!

As soon as we got our building permit our crew worked hard to bring this dream to life. The flooring is done, the steam lines are in, and most of the equipment is in place (including our shiny new tanks!).

There’s still plenty to do—the coolant lines aren’t quite done yet, and there’s still some plumbing and wiring to finish up—but for the most part we’re excited to say that we could be brewing beer starting as early as January.

decorative image

Now, to be clear, this is the brewery, not the brewpub (though both are right next door to Sacramento Pipeworks). You won’t be able to walk in and enjoy a cold one outside of Touchstone events just yet. But we do have our building permit for the taproom, and we’re expecting that project to move much faster than the brewery did.

In the meantime, you’ll have something to look forward to even after this holiday season with tasty Touchstone Brewing beverages in your near future!