Touchstone Holiday Party Costume Contest

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In December, Touchstone Climbing staffers from across California gathered in Berkeley for our annual holiday party. “It’s a wonderful chance for our employees to kick back and meet their counterparts from neighboring gyms,” said General Manager Markham Connolly. “They work so hard throughout the year it’s important for us to make sure they know how much they’re appreciated!”

We were thrilled to involve our community in the celebration. Local food trucks Tacos El Rey, Bacon Bacon, and Liba Falafel were provided food, while dessert and amazing cocktails were provided by Millennium Restaurant. Brandy Barnes, a local chef, provided hand baked cookies. Photographer and Touchstone member Caydie McCumber set up a photo booth to capture the magic.

Everyone was encouraged to dress up, and we’re happy to announce the winners of the costume contest!

Best Staff: Dogpatch Boulders

The Dogpatch Boulders staff took the ‘Holidays Under the Sea’ to a whole new level, and the entire staff arrived dressed as sushi. “We all agreed that sushi was the best thing to come from the sea,” said Dogpatch Boulders manager Justin Alarcon. “So we built sushi suits, complete with Christmas ornaments to keep it festive.”

Dogpatch Boulders Staff


Best Couple: Avram Pearlman and Marie Schwindler

Rumor has it that Avram and Marie were the uncrowned winners of last year’s holiday costume contest, and this year they weren’t about to let the title slip through their fingers, er.. claws. Marie came as a mantis shrimp, the legendary crustacean that can punch its prey. Avram appeared to be some kind of underwater Elvis.. bear..? Marie definitely carried the couple this time around, but we give them both an A for effort.

Great Western Power Co Holiday Party


Best Individual: Monica Aranda

Monica Aranda is our Director of Membership Services, and also a mean seamstress. She created this amazing starfish costume by hand, and it turns out nothing is more amazing than a starfish costume. Keep this in mind for next Halloween.

Starfish Costume

Find more of our photo booth photos on our facebook page. Happy Holidays from all of us to you!