Training for Climbing with HIT Strips

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Need a boost in your climbing? Want to be a little stronger? Great Western Power Company‘s system wall offers the perfect opportunity to train harder with HIT strips.

Over a decade ago, climbing training author Eric Horst developed a program to greatly increase grip strength. Hypergravity Isolation Training (HIT) utilizes high-intensity exercise, identical finger holds, and climbing with weight.

In this video, accomplished boulderer Sam Schwartz demonstrates how to effectively use the HIT strips.

HIT strips utilize a series of long holds with a variety of grips including pockets, crimps, and slopers. The strips are placed equidistant apart on a 45 to 50-degree wall. Climbers use their left then right hands to train specific moves. Additional weight can be added to increase the intensity of the exercise.

HIT maximizes muscular failure within 30 seconds, works the body in specific climbing movements, and isolating specific grip positions. By working specific moves in a controlled setting, the muscles become fatigued faster, which means greater muscle growth and quicker, better gains.

Stop by GWPC and get stronger!