Ultimate Fitness Experience at Diablo Rock Gym

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On Saturday January 16th, Diablo Rock Gym will be holding another Ultimate Fitness Experience Event. The three-hour event provides members and non-members an opportunity to check out the other classes at the gym.

Fitness at Diablo Rock Gym


“We have people that come in and take yoga, aikido, or TRX,” said Diablo Rock Gym Manager Hans Florine. The UFE provides an excellent opportunity for members and non-members to see what else is at the gym. “A 12 minute class is a lot less intimidating than an hour, “ said Florine.

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“We thought it would be a great way to let our members know about the new classes being offered at DRG,” said Shaul Serban, who will be introducing DRG members to CrossFit classes at the UFE. “Our goal is to show people that no matter what their fitness levels, they can participate and have a great time.”

Diablo Rock Gym

The Ultimate Fitness Experience offers an opportunity to check out CrossFit in a sub 5-minute work out. “DRG, along with all Touchstone Climbing and Fitness Gyms, are unique in that for a low monthly fee, you have access to a myriad of training programs, ranging from rock climbing to TRX to CrossFit,” said Serban. “But with so many classes, it is hard to pick just one! The Ultimate Fitness Experience allows you to try all of them in one setting!

Diablo Rock Gym


Beyond CrossFit, TRX instructor Julie Spiker will be on hand to help with the activities. Spiker taught Pilates for over 21 years before she became a TRX instructor at DRG. Through the use of TRX suspension trainers, a portable training tool that leverages gravity, Spiker instructs users on 100s of exercises, which complement the climbing lifestyle. “I think it is one of the best “cross training” workouts that climbers can do (or anyone for that matter). As a climber myself I then to spend the majority of workouts climbing, but I knew that I wanted to share the up side of something that is a good solid workout with little emphasis on changing a climbers build.”

The Ultimate Fitness Experience, which begins at 9:30 am and ends at 12:30 pm, provides a great opportunity for Concord residents to explore the many classes and programs that DRG has to offer. Stop by and sign up at the front desk as the event is quickly filling.