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Wellspring Academy Heads to MetalMark

Climbing is a great way to get into shape and have fun. With movement that requires strong muscles from fingers, back, to calves, rock climbing provides the exercise needed to lose weight and tone your body. Recently, MetalMark had a group of students from Wellspring Academies, a weight loss boarding schools for overweight teens and young adults. The school focuses on helping students change their lifestyles to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Aug 25 Outting 106

“I work with a weight loss academy for young adults and finding activities that everyone in our diverse group can enjoy can be challenging at times,” wrote Tyler Johnson, the director at Wellspring. “The exceptionally friendly staff at Metalmark has made us feel extremely welcome and our group can’t wait to go back. There really is something for every skill level and the facilities are the most impressive I’ve experienced in all of central California. If you or your group is looking to learn about climbing and develop your skills and fitness, Metalmark is the place to be. The huge bouldering area, super tall technical walls, state of the art equipment, and supportive staff make Metalmark the definitive leader in its field.” MetalMark is an awesome place for group trips. Stop by the gym for some serious fitness and a ton of fun!