What Ever Happened To..? Dustin Park

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When did you work at DRG?

Officially, I started working at Touchstone Concord (now Diablo Rock Gym) when they opened in September of 2002. There was a wonderful grand opening party!

Prior to that, I would occasionally work as a trade staff at Berkeley Ironworks. I worked at DRG until September 2009. During my time at Touchstone I worked as belay staff, desk staff, taught after school programs, and clinics.

Diablo Rock Gym

What is your best memory of working at DRG?

My best memories were climbing at Touchstone, not working there! In all seriousness, I met a lot of wonderful people along the way. Some helped mentor my climbing, and I was able to give back and help others along the way as well. My favorite and most rewarding work experience at Touchstone was probably teaching lead clinics. To this day, it is fun to see people that I taught post pictures of themselves on social media enjoying rock climbing in the outdoors.

Working and climbing at Touchstone was a wonderful way to spend my youth. I had the opportunity to explore and form a lifestyle far different than if the gym was not part of our community. The best friendships I have had were formed by working together, climbing together, competing against each other and traveling together.

Without the Touchstone community, I don’t think I would have had the ability to explore the outdoors, travel, and learn about who I am. Without a doubt, it was always a blast to work with some of my closest friends. In the downtime, we would often dream about our climbing and life goals. Having been away from the community for a while, it is fun to come back and see old faces, and where the people who I lost contact with are at today.

Diablo Rock Gym

What are you up to these days?

I’m working as a Registered Nurse in Neuro & Trauma Intensive Care at an East Bay hospital. Due to rehabilitating injuries for the last couple of years, I no longer climb like I use to. Slowly, I am getting back into climbing, and still have some long-term goals that I hope to accomplish. I love hiking in the Mt. Diablo foothills, and traveling and exploring the Southwest.

Be sure to come to Diablo Rock Gym this Friday, October 2nd for Touchstone’s 20th Anniversary party to see more familiar faces!