Join a FitBit Group at your Touchstone Climbing Gym

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Sure, we all know that we should be getting up from our desks a bit more often, or going for a morning run, or signing up for that new cardio class we keep hearing about…. But take it from us at Touchstone headquarters; nothing motivates like good ol’ fashioned competition.

Deep in the belly of Touchstone, several employees have been in a no-holds-barred, never-ending quagmire of a FitBit competition for the past 6 months.

“I didn’t even know that I was a competitive person,” said Marketing Director Lauryn Claassen. “I’d had a Fitbit for a few months and it was mildly interesting. But the first day Monica and I competed in a daily challenge, we both ended up running laps around our houses at 11:45pm trying to squeak out a win.”

FitBit Groups at Touchstone ClimbingAfter realizing that the daily competitions weren’t sustainable, the two Touchstone employees figured out a better way to battle. “With the Work Week Show Down, we have 5 days to try to gain a significant lead,” said Membership Services Director Monica Aranda. “Although the trick is to give your opponent a false sense of security, and then blow them out of the water with a 10-mile hike on Friday afternoon.”

Both women now utter phrases like, ‘gotta get my steps’ when deciding whether to take the elevator or the stairs, and are frequently seen furiously swinging their arms back and forth in an undignified attempt to cheat the system and nab a few extra steps.

“When it comes down to it, wearing a Fitbit was a wake-up call for me. It’s easy to be pretty sedentary sitting at a desk all day, and paying attention to how much I actually move on a day to day basis was a big deal,” said Claassen. “And having a nemesis doesn’t hurt either. I’m walking in place as I speak. Take that Monica.*”

*Editors note: Monica just left the office to sneak in a walk about the block. 

If you are a Fitbit wearer, we’ve set up groups for each Touchstone Climbing Gym. Battle it out to crush the step leader board, meet new Fitbit freaks, and find another reason to kick it up a notch in cardio class. Click on the links below to join the Fitbit group at your home gym.

Cliffs of Id GWPC Dogpatch Boulders LA Boulders The Studio MetalMark Climbing Diablo Rock Gym Berkeley Ironworks Sacramento Pipeworks Mission Cliffs

And just in case you just can’t pick your favorite, we’ve created a Touchstone Climbing group as well. Good luck!

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