Members of the Month: Skimra and Alex

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As everybody knows, there is a variety of ways to meet new people. In environments as socially diverse as Sacramento Pipeworks, many intriguing individuals surround us daily. Conversations start and new friends are made, but sometimes, you may even meet the person of your dreams…when you least expect it.

In writing these featured monthly member stories for quite a while now, I have come to the realization that often times, there is an equally dynamic story of a couple that can be told instead of the tale of just one person. Thus, the idea was born for “The Couples Edition” of the Member of the Month! I immediately thought of former staff member, Skimra Rodriguez, and how the gym has brought her so much more joy than she ever thought it would.

Today, we get to share this fairytale love story with you.

Couples Edition – Skimra Rodriguez & Alex Sherbondy

Climbing in Bishop CaliforniaBove) You have a very unique story because you met in the gym, married, and now have a family together. Can you tell us some details on how this came to be, and continues to still work today?

Rodbondy) Alex was climbing with Steven Podsednik in the 2nd bouldering cave (RIP), and asked if his wife, Tracie, was coming in to climb. Steven told him that she was and she was coming in with her friend. Alex then asked, “What’s her name, is she single, and is she cute.” Steven answered, “Skimra, yes, and yes!” The rest is history!

Our relationship began with a common interest in climbing, and just grew from there. The things we enjoy, we enjoy together, and respect each other’s individual interests. You can’t ALWAYS hang out together! But we love to, and have fun while doing so. It’s also all about teamwork. Team Rodbondy!

Sacramento Pipeworks Family B) There is a love for the outdoors that seems to be a common bond underlying your relationship. What activities do you enjoy doing together, and how often do you have the chance to keep these up?

R) The obvious one is climbing, and we try to travel to Bishop and Tahoe multiple times a year for that. Other than that, we enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking, and even just hanging out in our backyard! As long as we’re outside, we’re happy.

Sacramento PipeworksB) I love that good people are having children, so there will be a new generation of hope in the future. What ideals are you trying to instill most in this new human?

R) Take everything in stride; know when to be serious and when to have fun. Take ownership of your own happiness, and be kind to others. Most importantly, be a good person.

B) If you had 5 simple words that could describe your life as a couple, what would they be?

R) Goofy as shit…easy going.

B) What makes up the best hour of your daily life?

R) Relaxing in the evening with a happy baby and a lazy dog.

B) If there could be a favorite part of being together, what would you narrow it down to?

R) It’s easy and effortless to be happy together.

B) Do you have a funny story that you would like to share with us?

R) Skimra was pregnant when we were getting ready to move to our new house and was cleaning and packing up the stuff in the apartment. Alex received a series of texts from her while at work:
“I just sneezed and peed my pants”
“It’s ok, you can laugh”

Also, Annora was only 10 minutes old, and Alex was holding her for the first time while she was still naked. All of a sudden, he felt something warm and goopy on his forearm. Skimra started laughing and said, “Our daughter just shat on your arm!” Alex is looking forward to telling Annora’s prom date this story while he cleans his shotgun.

Gym love!B) What activities really let you unwind at the end of the working day?

R) Having a glass of beer or wine and watching tv while eating a home cooked meal.

B) Is there a favorite cuisine at home, and who is the better chef?

R) Alex cooks the meat, while Skimra makes Alex eat more kale :). We love cooking together and trying new recipes. We have a bunch of staple meals from our favorite food magazine (Cooking Light). Alex’s favorite is Skimra’s green chicken enchiladas, and Skimra can’t just pick one! We’re fatties at heart.

B) The house of your dreams has just been given to you. What room would you spend the most time in, and why?

R) Who needs a room if you have an amazing backyard?!

By: Jason Bove