Members of the Month: Tracie & Steven Podsednik

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Sacramento Pipeworks communityIn our last Members of the Month feature, we met Skimra and Alex who found love at Sacramento Pipeworks. This time around, we are lucky enough to showcase the couple that brought them together! While Tracie and Steven did not meet at the gym, they have a positive story of their own to share. Pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair, and enjoy a few moments with a couple of the sweetest people that you could ever find!

Bove) As mentioned in the last “Member of the Month” interview with Skimra and Alex, they stated that you introduced them to one another at Sacramento Pipeworks. Did you ever think that they would fall in love, marry, and procreate?

Podsedniks) No! Well that wasn’t on our minds when we first introduced them at least. We aren’t really in the habit of setting people up, and now that we are batting one for one, I think we’ll retire! They just had a lot in common– both love the outdoors and are down to earth people, so we figured why not! It was kind of a spur of the moment decision actually. When we saw they were hitting it off at the gym, we made sure they were seated next to each other at Tracie’s birthday dinner, and that was that! I think it is safe to say that we can take full credit for their adorable daughter. Ok, maybe not FULL credit…

Sacramento Pipeworks communityB) People have said that the family that climbs together, stays together. Do you think there is truth in this statement?

P) We think so. Pre-kid climbing was our ‘date night’. It was the activity we both loved to do and loved to do together. Before we started climbing, our workout routines couldn’t have been more different. If anything, climbing brought the two of us closer together, and now we hope to pass on our passion to our son.

B) Bringing new life into this world is something that you have experienced recently. With this new development, alternating workout days with babysitting shifts is necessary. How do you maintain this busy schedule, and has it affected your exercise routines?

P) Oh my God so much! It wasn’t so bad at first because he was so portable, we could bring him in the stroller and climb while he napped or watched. Once he got a little bigger (and more mobile), we had to work out a schedule. We divided the week and took alternate days. One will come climb and the other stays with the kid. It has worked pretty well but there are always challenges – like motivating yourself to go to the gym after a long day of work and kid stuff. We usually shut the gym down since we get there so late. We also built a small woody in our garage to train on when we can’t make it to the gym. And if we are really lucky, we get outside on the weekends (with help from our understanding friends :). Good thing the kiddo loves being outside and playing with rocks!

Sacramento Pipeworks communityB) If friends of yours were to describe your relationship with one another, what 3 words do you think they would choose?

P) Dedicated, adventurous, gross

B) If YOU were to describe the same, which 3 words would YOU choose?

P) Affectionate, adorable, gross

B) You are able to pick one destination to travel to, stay as long as you want, and bring whatever you desire. Where would you go, how long would you stay, and what would you bring?

Steven: Italy, preferably Florence. I would probably stay forever. It feels like I could travel to so many other great places from there. But coming back to it would be my perfect place. I would bring Tracie and Ranger of course. Also, my climbing gear, camping gear, and my drinking shoes.

Tracie: Spain, specifically Catalunya (not sure which town, maybe Girona). I would also stay forever. I was lucky enough to live there for a bit in college and return with Steven a few years ago. It is just the most incredible place with such interesting people, culture, and history. I would bring my family along with my climbing gear, swim suit, and a good pair of running shoes.

Sacramento Pipeworks communityB) Favorite date night so far, and why? (You don’t have to say Sacramento Pipeworks)

P) Well aside from all our pre-baby climbing dates….

Steven: We spent a few weeks traveling in Spain and Italy a few years ago. There were some great date nights there. One was a night we spent wandering around Rome and hanging at a street fair along the river, and another, a night having dinner on the beach on the Costa Brava in Spain. That trip was like one string of wonderful nights.

Tracie: I agree but have one specific night in mind. We had just arrived to the Costa Brava and heard there was a nice walking path along the rocky coast up to a secluded beach. It was a little over a mile and went along some of the most beautiful coastline you’ve ever seen. We walked along it in the evening and arrived at the beach. We had the whole thing to ourselves aside from one other couple. We went for a swim and sat and watched the sunset. It was perfection.

Sacramento Pipeworks communityB) Is there a cuisine that you would never tire of, even if you could eat it every day?

P) Burritos. It’s the perfect food. It can be anything! We even saw a ramen burrito tonight at dinner!

B) If you were to pick out animals for each other that represent each of you best, what would they be? Why?

Steven: I choose a Snow Leopard for Tracie. Because they are beautiful, cute and small, but powerful. They have the personality of a cat but could still kick your ass if they needed to.
Tracie: He is going to give me a ton of crap over this but I choose a dog. Steven is one of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet. He is also silly, sweet, strong, giving, compassionate, and clever. And he is my best friend, or is that taking the analogy too far?

B) If money were no option, how would you prefer to spend all day?

P) Together as a family, traveling, climbing, hiking, enjoying nature, eating great vegan food, and sleeping in – despite having a toddler.