Outside…………Inside Fresno

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Life in Fresyes is at times either much to hot or much to foggy to play outside so what are we to do in the height of summer or in the long grey winter months?

Many of us go to one of the traditional gyms in town but for the rest of us there are some options that do not involve a tread mill or the mirror wall and weight racks.

I’m one of the later group and loathe the typical gym scene so for me its a short list of where I’m going for my inside workouts.

Being the outdoors guy I have to tell you about MetalMark Fitness at Granite Park. From the hard-core rock climber all the way down to the youngster MetalMark will tempt you with easy routes and leave you trying routes harder and harder until your arms are pumped, fingers tired and smiles pasted on your faces well past when the tiredness fades. Our family of 7 can be found on almost any day of the week testing out anything from a bouldering problem, a 5.10 wall route or a friendly competition to see who can do the most pull ups or plank the longest over in the gym area. The massive A/C system will keep you cool even on the hottest summer day and the free coffee works just as well when the cold sets in. Member competitions, kids days and free training classes each week make it to hard to pass up when your outdoor sport is typically played out in Yosemite Valley not the Central Valley. As an added bonus MetalMark is part of Touchstone Climbing, so when life finds you in San Jose or LA you can check in and get right to work………..or play.