Team Touchstone Athlete Profile: Matt Grossman

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Team Touchstone, our competitive youth climbing team, is made up of a veritable cornucopia of crushers of all ages. Meet the kids who are representing us at competitions around the country – nay – world! This week we sat down with climber and videographer Matt Grossman. Matt, who is currently climbing in Ceuse, France while preparing for the Wold Championships this September is a talented climber with a passion for photography and video work.

Team Touchstone Climber Matt GrossmanName: Matt Grossman
Age: 15
Years climbing: 7 years
Years competing: 6 years
What are your most notable competition achievements? ABS 2015 National Champion, 3rd Place 2013 SCS Speed Nationals, 5th place 2012 Pan American Games Speed, 2nd place ABS Nationals 2013.
How about your proudest outdoor sends: Beef Cake V10, Water Hazard Sit V10, Cocktail Sauce V10, and Soul Slinger V9.
What is your favorite style of climbing? I enjoy steep powerful climbs.
Favorite outdoor climbing destination? Bishop!
Team Touchstone Athlete Matt Grossman
Most memorable climbing experience? My most memorable climbing experience was when I won Bouldering Nationals in 2015. I was the first climber out because I placed 10th the day before. Joe Goodacer and I were the only ones to top problem one and I had high point on the third problem by a couple moves.
Team Touchstone Athlete Matt GrossmanFavorite aspect of rock climbing and or competition climbing? I enjoy competition climbing because it is motivating and rewarding to see all of my hard work and training summed up into one competition. I also like climbing outdoors in Bishop because the movements are very unique and every where is so scenic.
Fun fact about you? I also like to shoot video and take pictures.
You can check out his climbing videos is here.
A short video that sums up my ABS Nationals Champion performance is here.