How to Bring Your Kids to the Climbing Gym

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They’re the light of your life.. and also perpetual balls of motion that are programmed to MOVE! And while physical activity is the perfect way to burn off all that energy…dropping kids off at the gym to run amok is a no-no.

But there’s good news! If you’re looking for a way to bring your kids rock climbing, we’ve got you covered. At each Touchstone Climbing Gym, we have several options for bringing kids into our facilities.

We offer after school rock climbing camps, along with summer rock climbing camps. We can also teach you how to belay, and then you can belay for your child as they climb. And, don’t forget about Team Touchstone, our popular indoor climbing team.

And remember, kids 12 and under are free on your Touchstone Climbing membership, so you’ll always be able to bring them along.

Check in at your nearest indoor climbing gym to see how you can bring your kids to the gym.