Outside Online Features Hollywood Boulders

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Our newest climbing gym in Hollywood, California is making headlines! We were recently featured in an Outside Online profile of the gym. Here is our favorite excerpt from the article:

Hollywood, California, has great hiking, amazing live music, and some of the best dog-friendly restaurants in the country. But, until now, it’s offered exactly zero climbing. That’s changing this month with the opening of Hollywood Boulders. Touchstone Climbing’s latest gym offers 11,000 square feet of climbable real estate on the corner of Bronson and Santa Monica. 

In a neighborhood where other gyms are typically pick-up joints for sleaze bags or hyper-exclusive, incredibly expensive refuges for rich people, perhaps the best thing about Hollywood Boulders is that it’s friendly, clean, and full of normal people just enjoying themselves. It’s where I work out. 

Check out the full article here.

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We’re so happy to be a place where normal people can come to find their community! Whether you’re looking for amazing yoga classes or want to learn how to climb, you’ll find your home away from home at Hollywood Boulders. Come check us out!