Woman Up 2018 and Alex Johnson featured on the Mountain Hardwear Blog

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This year’s Woman Up title sponsor and our friends Mountain Hardwear recently published an article about pro climber Alex Johnson taking the crown at the 2018 Woman Up Climbing Festival at Cliffs of Id in Culver City, CA. Woman Up is a singular event in climbing where we invite women and underrepresented genders to join our industry, achieve their personal goals, and find their community. Last year’s event ended up being the perfect opportunity for AJ’s reentry into the world of professional rock climbing:

The trouble was that not only are the players a lot different (and by different we mean way stronger), she wondered how she would adapt to the new setting style. “(Climbers now) grew up in a gym setting with more competition-style climbs than I did,” she explains. “They’re doing all these run-and-jump, bouncy, volume, manipulation climbs.” To her, “pulling it off” would mean just keeping up with these younger hotshots. Winning wasn’t really a consideration…

But she did.

Get the whole story over on the Mountain Hardwear blog, and don’t miss Alex Johnson defending her title at this year’s Woman Up Open Finals on July 20th at Dogpatch Boulders in San Francisco, CA!